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Being placed in a leadership position does not necessarily make one. We all know that there are only two ways to reach there - by choice, or by chance. While it is exhilarating to be a leader, it is daunting to be a good one . . .
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Hi, my name is Rey Misoles, CEO of Maximum Performance Consultancy, also known as The Leaders' Ladder. I want to share with you 3 proven, simple steps to be a better leader.

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A list of characteristics of an ideal leader for you to learn and possess. Now you don't have to guess . . . It's given to you in a bite-size capsule!
You are also given a list of characteristics any good leader should avoid. Without falling into the pitfalls of trial and error, you can easily distinguish good from bad . . . And make an intelligent choice!
A list of questions to install the ideal characteristics in yourself which you can work in less than an hour! This ensures that what you learn is yours to keep . . . For good!
A one-page Personal Reflection Exercises to ensure that . . . Professional stress has no place in your life!
To all the leaders out there . . . Whether you are still in the "wishing to become" phase, or are already occupying a leadership role, these lessons are designed to help you develop the winning qualities of a good leader.

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